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M/s.GM Eco Services being a waste management and environment management Company was established in the year of 2015 and expert in transporting hazardous waste through approved and Dedicated vehicles and has a vide experience in handling different types of waste available in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

M/s.GM ECO SERVICES it’s first and foremost vision is to preprocess different types of Hazardous and Non Hazardous waste which is suitable to co process in cement industries with constant quality and quantity of waste and meeting safety and environmental norms as per the regulations.

Waste Assessment

We can provide a complete survey of your waste and a full assessment of its suitability for co-processing.

Waste Transportation

We provide a seamless service – ensuring the waste is transported in appropriate packaging with required labelling and documentation through PCB approved Vehicles. The waste is carried by operators with required skills, qualifications and permits.

Waste Analysis

We offer dedicated laboratory testing to analyze your waste to ensure it is suitable. We at GM Eco are able to manage waste such as solids, sludge and liquids.


Pre-processed waste is then supplied to nearby Cement plants for using as an Alternate Fuels to replace and reduce their traditional fuel consumption and contributing in reducing total GHG emissions.


Waste is then safely co-processed in cement kilns. Our cement kilns operate at temperatures of up to 2000°C – which leaves no residue or waste after co-processing is complete.

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