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We work hard to provide our clients with comprehensive environmental services

Waste Management Services

We can provide a complete survey of your waste and a full assessment of its suitability for co-processing...

Major Consideration

Safety is always considered as a priority for GM ECO Services while developing project. Following measures ensure by GM ECO services for safe working environment...

Controlling Measures

The proposed AFRF is a “no pollution” plant, by design and the functioning of plant is not going to generate waste or pollutants. GM ECO ensures a safe environment...

About Us

M/s.GM Eco Services being a waste management and environment management Company was established in the year of 2015 and expert in transporting hazardous waste through approved and Dedicated vehicles and has a vide experience in handling different types of waste available in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

M/s.GM ECO SERVICES it’s first and foremost vision is to preprocess different types of Hazardous and Non Hazardous waste which is suitable to co process in cement industries with constant quality and quantity of waste and meeting safety and environmental norms as per the regulations.

About Us
GM Eco Services


Co-processing is a proven sustainable development concept that reduces demands on natural resources, reduces pollution and landfill space, thus contributing to reducing the environmental footprint.

Waste materials used for Co-processing are referred to as alternative fuels and raw materials (AFR)

  • The waste management hierarchy shows that Co-processing is a recovery activity which should be considered after waste prevention and recycling.
  • Co-processing ranks higher in this hierarchy in comparison to disposal activities such as landfilling or incineration.

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